BeastCraft Hall Badge (image)



Name Position Dragon (if applicable)
Ael Sr JM/HoldHerder/Southern Boll
Aife JM/Island River Hold Green Imatath
Ayria JM/HRW
Braxis Master/BeastCraft Hall
C'vex JM/XAW Bronze Caith
Crevan JM/Landing Hold
Dani JM/Vet (General)/XAW
Duncan App/BEC Hall
Ebrienne Sr JM/WeyrHerder/IGW
J'em Sr Journeyman/EAW/Need 4 Speed Ranch
Jaleldan CraftMaster/Ierne WeyrHold & Beastcraft Hall/Need 4 Speed Ranch
Justin Apprentice/EAW
K'ron Apprentice/HRW Blue Ironith
Katlyn JM/EAW/Need 4 Speed Ranch Green Artemisth
Kaylithin Journeyman/Western Weyr Blue Narith
Keefa Journeyman/Fort Weyr Green Kiylinth
Kifan Sr Journeyman/Half Moon Bay Hold/ HoldHerder/Jockey
Laysia Apprentice/BEC Hall
Lilia Sr Journeyman/EAW/Need 4 Speed Ranch Blue Myrrath
Qip Apprentice/Landing
Saisha Apprentice/IGW
Sarhia Apprentice/IGW
Seda JM/BEC Hall
Sern Apprentice/BEC Hall
Sonialyra Master/HMB
Sylvara JM/HRW
T'len Apprentice/BEC Hall Blue Angaroth
Talia JM/BEC
Thea Sr JM/HRW/WeyrHerder
Veronix Apprentice/EAW
Wakali Sr JM/HRW/WeyrHerder
Xabrar Apprentice/HRW
Yiasy Apprentice/ISW
Zaria Apprentice/EAW Brown Donaraynith
Zharine Master/HMB

Trained as veterinarians and to keep records of breedings of domestic animals. Their job is to guide Holders in the proper methoids of keeping and breeding livestock, as well as developing better means to produce good beasts. They do not have anything to do with dragons, firelizards or watch whers.

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Pern species created by players.
Native Pern Critters
Artwork by Kaylithin

Pernese Animals

Last updated Feb 5, 2002