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Dolphineer Hall

Name Position Dolphin Dragon (if applicable)
Cadalairy Apprentice/Western Weyr
Cate CM/Hall Caspia
Ciarn JM/Western Weyr Cashel
Hiamysia Sr Apprentice/EAW Delpha
Kelios Apprentice/Hall Pudah
Mytha (NPC) DolphHlr/JM/Half Moon Bay Hold Kiaka
Nelali Sr Apprentice/EAW Bella
(played by
Green Teerith
Sage JM/EAW Jake
Sheyna JM/EAW Zaelio
Tara Apprentice/Hall
Taron Sr JM/WeyrDolphineer/Western Weyr Taff
Terence Apprentice/Western Weyr
Dolphin Friends
(ooc-people running dolphins as puppets whom they are not parntered with)
played by
Unpartnered dolphin Drum
played by Yu'i Unpartnered dolphin Eko
(played by
dolphin partnered to Nelali Bella
(played by
Unpartnered dolphin Whistler  
(played by
Unpartnered dolphin Titikia  
(played by
Unpartnered dolphin Suki  
(played by
Unpartnered dolphin Keer


"Dolphins must answer the call of the sea-bell situated in Monaco bay. They must guard human beings on or near the water, to the best of thier abilities, even at the cost of thier own lives. They must assit in all sea rescues of humans. They must inform humans of oncoming weather conditions, and warn them of hazards, including the presence of dangerous sea creatures. Dolphins must aid humans with thier abilites to detect earthquakes and track tsunami waves. When asked, they were also to spot schools of food fish and inform fishing boats where they were to be found. ... In a honorary capacity, dolphins also escorted the bodies of the human dead, buried at sea, to thier final resting place.
"In exchange, humans agreed to teach and talk to any dolphin, to rescue any who were in distress, to restore to the sea any that acidently beached themselves, to cure sickness and mend wounds, and to remove all bloodfish that
attached themselves to dolphin flesh."

This is the contract between dolphins and humans, not between the dolphinhall and the rest of Pern. As dolphineer, we are the primary human representies that take care of the human half of the contract, while the dolphins have been more loyal than we have been. As dolphineers, we utilize the dolphin's information and assistance to help make Pern safer and more productive. We warn of weather, help where asked, rescue items lost and safeguard ships. A dolphin and his
Partner stationed at a seaside hold is usually no small benefit for them: Safety, greater luck at fishing, weather reports, teaching in the ability to swim in all those who are young and education of the sea. Some of us heal, but it's also one of the very small aspects of the craft. There's also chartography and antiquities (research into items found at the sea floor), exploration. We are not paid to play with the dolphins. That doesn't put food in our mouths. What we and the dolphins do together, the services we provide, is what does that. The Contract is our duties to each other, strictly. From the Contract and it's conditions come the services we provide. But beyond the services to each other, it is not the craft's
outward directive... exactly. By-products of it are, however. Weather-warning, for example.

Dolphineer Keryl


Last updated Feb 5, 2002