PernWorld FAQ


Anne McCaffrey's Rules for fanish Pern activities.

1. NEVER use any of Anne's characters from her books in your *stories or as characters on roleplaying internet games and Muds, except in passing remarks. They can't appear on stage nor can their opinions, unless already stated in the novels, be used.

2. Likewise, NEVER use Benden Weyr for anything other than 'in passing' remarks.Anne has declared that off-limits to all fans, even for just visiting.

3. Don't use/abuse other peoples persona or characters without permission. That means no involving unwilling people in tinyplots to. Players have the right to walk away from any roleplay they are not comfortable with. Harassment of
players is not tolerated.

4. Dragons are considered to be restrained by their golds to avoid time jumping. If a dragon times it in your stories, then be prepared for your Weyrwoman to deal out punishment.

5. Dragons and firelizards are only allowed in the following colors: Gold, bronze, brown, blue and green. No other colors are permitted. Golds and greens are female and bronzes, browns and blues are males. No female character may be the rider of a bronze dragon and no male character may be the rider of a gold dragon. Firelizards on the other hand don't care what gender your character is.

6. Content of *stories or tinyplots should be acceptable for readers under 18. This applies to all public areas on a Mud, but doesn't apply to what people do in private. The Mush and its admin will not be responsible for the content of
roleplay in private areas between consenting adult players.

*No Pern stories may be published on any electronic forum. Songs and poems are okay however.