PernWorld FAQ


In order to keep PernWorld authentic and enjoyable, these guidelines have been established. Your cooperation in following these is appreciated; if you have problems, please discuss it with the building wizard.

First, please request permission by emailing Major things like large Holds, Crafts, Weyrs and WeyrHolds must be applied for via email. If you are building a smaller, private area with an existing area,contact the Holder, Master, or Weyrleader of the area you wish to build in, as well as the building wizard. Building of non-Hold/Weyr/Craft related things must be approved by the Building wizard. (ie. Red Butte, secluded places in the
middle of nowhere, Igen Caves, etc.) Building should conform to certain quality standards. These are:

Room descriptions should generally be descriptions of the actual rooms; descriptions of where the exits are should be put in the room's success message. Please make use of +inspect while building. Use [space(5)] at the beginning of the desc and %r at the end. This helps make it easier to read.

Every exit should have several "aliases" -- for example, instead of naming the exit "J'oe's weyr", name it "J'oe's weyr;j'oes weyr;j'oes;jw" if you want to be thorough. Cardinal directions such as "North" and "southwest" must offer aliases such as "n" and "sw"; "up" and "down" must also provide "u" and "d". In addition, the capital letters of the exits should be a valid exit alias. (Ie. Kitchen Courtyard should have "kc" as an alias.) Use your discretion, and remember that your area should be easy to get around in at all costs. Towards that end, try to avoid using global command names, such as ' l ' (look). For example, name that ledge exit "LEdge;le;west;w" rather than "Ledge;l;west;w". There's nothing quite as confusing as trying to look at a room and being finding yourself in the next room.
Every room should have an "out" exit, which should lead towards the main entrance, unless there's a very good reason for it not to. Just add `out;o' to the name of one of your exits. It's nice to add such things as 'exit;back;leave;return', as well.

All true exits should have a succ message, and osucc message, and an odrop message. Except in obvious circumstances, these are requirements for passing inspections (see below). Ideally, all exits should also have

Maps should make logical sense. If you go east to get into a room, you should be able to go west to get out of it. Because back-linking is very easy using the @dig command (ON MUSH: `help @dig'), there is no excuse for having
a room with no exits out.

Please try to proofread your work. Use the @edit command to clear up any errors. (ON MUSH: `help @edit')

If you are building an area described in the _Atlas of Pern_ by Karen Wynn Fonstad, then you should follow the descriptions and maps given there as best as possible. (The most important building guideline we have is that your area be easily traveled; the second is that it be as close to the Atlas as possible.)

Use of a builder character is mandatory. Please contact a building wizard.

If you are building a major area, Hold, Hall, Weyr, or whatever, you must first apply for it with the building wizard.This is to insure your understanding of the regulations surrounding building and to record what you are building to prevent duplicate building projects.

If you are building a Craft, Hold or Weyr and do not plan on running it, please let the building wizard know that the place is NPC run until such a time that a player is found to run it. No player may control more then one Craft, Hold or Weyr each. If a player has a Craft and a Weyr however and someone requests to run one of them..The player must pick their primary interest and let the other go. A player running two Lord Holders ICly would not be allowed however due to unfair political advantage in the Conclave.

Do not open your Hall/Weyr/Hold until a wizard okays you and links you in. This means no sky linking, no terrain linking, no residents, no sea access, no watchlisted rooms.

This is to prevent the above from being violated as much as possible. To see which wizard is in charge of building, check 'news wizzes'. Be assured that the above requirements are necessary to pass inspection.

These rules are not meant to stifle you. They're here to insure quality building, and a fun (not frustrating) time for players.

NOTICE: Once an area is built and inspected it becomes part of the MUSH as a whole and may not be removed without approval of all players who have connections to that area and the wizards (admin).