PernWorld FAQ


2508.3.20 Start of 9th pass (thread falls as black dust over Tillek)
2523.6.3 Eastern Weyr established
2525.3.20 AIVAS found
2525.3.21 AIVAS speaks to gathered Lord Holders, Weyrleaders Craftmasters.
2528.13.14 Harper Hall gets plans for Printing press from AIVAS
2529.3.26 Ruth goes between to the Yokohama. Farli follows.
2529.3.27 Jaxom and Piemur go between on Ruth to the Yokohama and return with Sallah Telgar's remains.
2529.4.2 Sallah Telgar's body is interred. Vandals are detered by AIVAS's defenses. AIVAS tells Jayge about dolphins and offers to teach Readis and Aramina their language.
2529.4.3 Holders conclave at Tillik. Ranrel becomes Lord Holder of Tillek.
2529.5.1 Breda impresses Amaranth at Benden Weyr.
2529.5.2 F'lessan explores Honshu
2531.9.17 Third explosion on the Red Star. Red Star's orbit is shifted.
2531.9.19 Bahrain and Buenos Aires are pushed out of orbit towards Rukbat.
2531.11.1 Xanadu Weyr established with Breda and Gold Amaranth.
2531.13.13 Robinton dies. AIVAS shuts down forever.
2532.4.1 Honshu WeyrHold established
2535.3.2 Women are searched for fighting dragons at hatchings as now the numbers of dragons are such that they can afford to allow the women riders maternal leave. Most impress to greens, but about ten percent impress to blues and browns.
2550.2.4 Ierne Weyr established on Ierne Island (Was Southern Weyr)
2555.4.1 End of 9th pass (last threadfall) Holiday:Lastfall Day
2619.9.2 Ierne Weyr becomes a WeyrHold
2625.2.10 Western Weyr officialy recognized at Conclave of Holds, Crafts and Weyrs.
2627.5.19 Honshu Weyr Sr Queen dies. Honshu becomes Honshu WeyrHold and hold first election as there was no Jr Queens left there. Trakon wins election and K'kar retires.
2627.8.4. Pirates loot and burn a small Hold on Ista Island. Weyrwoman Andria places blame on Igen Weyr for not keeping their 'holdless' in line. Igen ignores her, of course.
2640.4.5 Founding Weyrwoman of Western Weyr, Jazmyn, retires from active duty due to stress related heart trouble.
2645.?.? More or less present day..