PernWorld FAQ


Between: An area of nothingness and sensory deprivation *between* here and there in a telekinetic transfer.

CraftRider: A rider who has returned to the Crafts. Can be a posted Crafter who is a rider at a Weyr or WeyrHold. Craftriders cannot advance beyound JM status and cannot be Masters due to the fact they are dedicated to their dragon first. Most are Independent riders, though some work for Weyrs as posted Crafters or to support their dragons if they can't do it alone. The crafts don't provide support for the dragons as this drains their resources.

Dragon: Winged creatures resembling mythical dragons. Able to breath fire after chewing a phosphorous bearing rock. Originaly developed by the early colonists of Pern, before they lost the ability to manipulate DNA. A Dragon is hatched from an egg, and becomes empathically and telepathically bound to its rider for the duration of its life.

Dragon Colors:

Green: female (20-26 meters). The smallest and most numerous of the dragons. Light, highly maneuverable and agile. Greens are sterile geneticaly due to the fact they were engineered that way in the days of the early colonists. It was believed at one time that firestone made them sterile, due to the fact that golds are fertile and don't chew firestone. In fact, the golds simply lack the ability to process the firestone into flame and only suffer stomach aches and vomiting if they chew it.

Blue: male (24-31 meters). The workhorse of the dragons. Medium sized, the blues are as tough as the greens, but not as maneuverable.

Brown: male (30-37 meters). Larger then greens and blues, some well grown browns are as big as the smaller bronzes and could actually mate with the queens if they so dared. They are more intelligent then blues and greens, with greater powers of concentration.

Bronze: male (35-40 meters). The leaders of the dragons. All bronzes compete to mate with the gold queens. Generaly trained for leadership, bronzes and their riders are often WingLeaders and WingSeconds. The majority of Weyrleaders
are bronzeriders, though sometimes a brownrider will surprise everyone by catching the Sr. gold at a Weyr.

Gold: female (40-45 meters). The fertile females of dragonkind. Traditionally mated to any bronze who can catch her. Although browns can mate with queens - and sometimes do- this is unusual and not encouraged, though noone is going to stand in a determined male dragon's way if he choses to rise after a gold, reguardless of his color.

Hold: A Hold is where the 'normal' folk of Pern live. Holds were initially caverns on rocky cliffs where Thread could gain no foothold. They grew to become centers of government, and the Lord Holder became the man to whom everyone looked for guidance, both in the old days of Threadfall and in the days after Threadfall ended.

Impression: The joining of minds of a dragon and his or her rider-to-be. At the moment of hatching, the dragon, not the rider, choses his/her partner telepathically communicates this choice to the chosen rider.

Independent Rider: A rider who does not live and work in a Weyr and must support his/herself and the dragon as well. Some form small Wings and go into business themselves.

Klah: A hot, stimulating drink made from tree bark and tasting faintly of cinnamon.

looks to: is Impressed by.

Numbweed: A medicinal cream that, when smeared on a wound, deadens all sensation; Used as an anesthetic.

Turn: A Pernese year.

Weyr: A home for Dragons and Riders. Nowdays tend to be comunal and where all the riders work for the Weyr and its inhabitants. People are paid for their work and get room and board for themselves and their dragons. Non-riders get paid as well for work they contribute. The leaders are called

WeyrWoman and WeyrLeader. Leadership is still decided by the mating flight and who catches the Sr Queen.

WeyrHold: A combination of a Weyr and a Hold. Does not generaly have a hatching ground and leadership is decided by elections, rather then mating flights. Tend to be more progressive then the regular Holds and Weyrs and more open to new ideas.