PernWorld FAQ


Candidate Guidelines

If interested in being a candidate, please type 'search me' while on the MUSH and follow the instructions in the room.. If searched, you will be registered in the Hatching Records for the Weyr you are trying for. Due to the limited number of slots open at each Hatching, registration for a hatching will be for a limited time and will fill quickly, but don't worry if you are not searched or fail to impress, there will be more hatchings. Anyone who has been searched and doesn't impress, does not have to be searched again and is a candidate until they impress or grow too old to stand the sands. Weyrs often will give extra candidates to other Weyrs when they have too many.

Candidates who ICly get married or become a Master in a Craft are not allowed to stand anymore and are no longer candidates. You may start a new character for that purpose though.. IC age limits for Candidates: (14-30 for woman) (12-25 for men)
First of all..PLEASE don't play multiple candidates at the same hatching. Its really unfair to the other candidates..

Please do not chose gold or bronze as a color pref if you are losing access within 6 months of the hatching since it leaves the Weyr short of Leaders and is unfair to people who really want the position. Be aware as well that people impressing metallics may end up with the responsibility of running a Weyr! If you are not ready to accept that kind of workload and do not feel you can handle running a Weyr, please consider not asking for a mettallic..It is not a glamorous job by any means and is often stressful, much like any position of responsibility

Please do not page search riders during search about search. They have enough to worry about and its rude to bother them during this time.

Please consider starting an alt character for the Crafts or Holds if you impress and have time to play a second character..

Understand that you can be removed from the candidate pools if you violate candidate rules ICly or Mush rules OOCly. You are responsible for your own actions and being a candidate is a great responsibility and a privilege, not a right. The IC rules for candidates are as follows.

No fighting. An argument isn't a problem, but a fist fight or a act of violence towards ANYONE as a candidate is grounds for being removed from the candidate pool(s).

The candidate is required to do as they are told IC. Chores are common and character building. Extra chores as punishment for minor infractions is also common and should only be for IC reasons. No WLM, WW or WL is allowed to use IC punishment for OOC reasons, only IC reasons. If you are having OOC/RL problems with someone, talk to a wizard about it and try to resolve it.

People applying for search and candidates who are inactive during the time of search for a Weyr may be rejected if they are inactive for more then 2 weeks and have no &vacation set warning they will be gone. Leftover Candidates from a Hatching need to let the next Weyr know they are transferring there to stand at least 10 days or more before that Weyr's hatching. Telling the WW/WL of that Weyr in the first week after the previous hatching is best. Be reminded that Impression is handled randomly, unless it is stated otherwise at the beginning of the hatching in which, you will see a notice of the clutch if they are chosen or random. This is NOT a roleplaying contest with dragons as prizes. So do NOT harass other players because you feel you are a better RPer than they are and feel they do not deserve a dragon. It is not your place to say who deserves a dragon or who doesn't.

A Candidate left on the sands must accept that fact and NOT page new riders and harass them for impressing or try to make them feel guilty for it. It can cause that candidate to be removed from candidacy if there are too many complaints.

Guidelines for Goldriders and candidates with Gold as a choice on the OOC application

Goldriders with PC clutches are only in the Weyrs since they require a hatching ground for eggs. Clutches involving characters on the MUSH are scheduled and regulated so all the available candidates are not used up at once, leaving the next Weyr in line with noone. No having eggs on some beach somewhere, as its not hot enough and any resulting eggs would all be duds. Retired old goldriders may seek other work elsewhere if they wish. Goldriders living outside a Weyr can only have NPC hatchings unless they are chosen randomly for an insta-clutch for Telgar. Ask Bey for more info on this online.

ICly, Sr and Jr queenriders mostly work dispatch at the Weyrs, sending riders to wherever they need to go and spending a lot of time on the radio, phone/communication device or otherwise sending and receiving messages from all over Pern, responding to emergency calls and sending riders out to pick up and transport freight or passengers.

OOCly, Sr Weyrwomen help bring in new players to their Weyr, organize hatchings for their Weyr, help instigate roleplaying by either organizing events (big or small) or at least making public appearances in their own public areas of their Weyrs or at Gathers at other locations. Sitting in your private rooms and not roleplaying is not acceptable. There were other people who wanted that Gold Dragon when you impressed it and you should be out roleplaying, not gloating in the dark.. Anti-social leaders tend to breed resentment in the ranks..

Players of new Goldriders are to be aware that they might be asked to take over running a Weyr. This requires either the ability to admin an active area on the Mush and/or the ability to delegate. A goldrider should know at least basic coding and building, know how to admin the Weyr's knot and be able to be actively online at least 3 days a week. They also need to realize that hatchings are done on a cycle and they may have to wait a very long time for their turn to come up.

Guidelines for Dragonriders.

Dragonriders in this timeline no longer have to worry about Threadfall, but they do have to make a living, thus they have to work for it and often their dragons to. Often riders join Wings at the Weyrs or WeyrHolds and get paid a salary for their work. Independent riders sometimes form Wings as well, competing with the large Weyrs/WeyrHolds for business.

Possible jobs for riders are:

Delivery (couriers/mail/news-scrolls/small packages)
Exploration/Survey (Scouting out new sites for habitation or mining surveys, mapping, etc.)
Freight (large packages/freight hauling) - Busy riders who make more marks then most by hauling heavy, but valuable or perishable freight.
Transport (Like a dragonrider version of a charter plane service or taxi w/wings)
Firefighting (no Thread means lots of plants. Lots of trees=firehazard)
Police/Protection (no Thread also means more opportunistic types on the roads)
Search & Rescue (self explanatory)
Coastguard (Flying sweeps looking for pirate activity or ships/boats in trouble)
Craft Riders (any other craft based independent/Weyr riders) ie HarperRiders..

Insta Clutches and Insta Dragons

For players who would like to have a dragon, but do not wish to go through candidacy or weyrlinghood. There is an opportunity to impress a dragon on camera at Telgar, through an abbreviated candidacy and hatching cycle. Everyone that applies for this is accepted and you must have one color choice, and answer questions so the dragon makers can make dragons. After the hatching: Each player and dragon would be aged up 4 years and moved to Ierne, for the normal 90 day stay. At that point, players may stay at Ierne, or choose to apply at other weyrs. Every color may be applied for this way. However, golds born at Telgar, still go to Ierne, and all their clutches would be npc, unless their number came up randomly for one of the Telgar clutches, or one of the other weyrs accepted them. If more than 1 person wishes for a gold in this manner, the person getting it will be picked randomly.

Important: Telgar weyr will not be opened at this as a weyr, and no riders would be staying there permanently. If you did impress a dragon there, you would be moving to Ierne WeyrHold. This is simply for folks that while they want an insta, that don't want to write it all themselves, or would like to actually have their impression on camera.

Instaclutches rules:
1.) You must have a new alt to stand for this. You may not stand with an alt that has applied before as a candidate at any weyr.
2.) It is requested that you make your alt at least 20 turns of age. You will be asked to change, if you are younger than this.
3.) This is extremely abbrievated on the candidacy/weyrling time. Do not pick this option if you would like to rp through that.
4.) This is an insta rider. You will be staying the full 90 days at Ierne, and then must apply for another weyr to accept you, if you choose to leave Ierne. They are under no obligation to do so.

You do not have to wait for an insta clutch to make an insta dragon. You may apply normally for one through chargen if you cannot stomach dealing with the stress of candidacy.