PernWorld FAQ


To prevent politics from making a mess of hatchings, we are using random chance. There will be five 'pools' of Candidate Names. One for each color. A character can put his or her name in any 'pool' except for males cannot put their name in the gold 'pool' and females males cannot put their name in the bronze 'pool'. When a hatchling hatches, say a brown, then the brown hatchling picks a name at random from the brown 'pool'. The one who impresses the brown has his/her name removed from all the 'pools' and leaves the sands with his/her new dragon when directed to. Note that gold only candidates have a lot of others in the pool with them, thus it lowers their chance. Golds are also not always the first to hatch, thus someone who picked more then one color might impress something else besides the primary color they wanted.
In other words..The dragon decides (but with input from the player) If you have a 'special' dragon name at the time you impress, and its not being used, ask the Weyrwoman in a page or mention in the candidate application if you can use your favorite name. Most won't say no. This is supposed to be fun, after all.
Note: Clutches are about half the size as during a pass and queens rise half as often.

Guidelines for Goldriders - Hatchings

No more then 5 goldriders at a large Weyr (ie Fort) and no more then 4 at a smaller Weyr (ie. Ista). If there are too many, some should transfer out to other Weyrs or a new Weyr opened. Some tempermental golds will not tolerate more then 3 total golds in the Weyr (ie. Ramoth was this way)..
Between 5 and 15 eggs in a clutch due to timeline. Roll 5 D6 and divide by 2 for random numbers if you want. PLEASE: No more then ONE gold in a clutch and NO twins (two dragons from the same egg). Anne states that dragon eggs do not produce twins.
At least 2-3 more PC candidates then will impress. This allows alternates in case of no-shows. The rest of the field should be made up of NPCs..Between 2-3 times the number of eggs..
Between 6-8 PC candidates should impress. Golds need not go to PCs, but be aware people might be upset over a NPC getting it.
Candidates should be picked based on the quality of their applications. Be aware that once a person is searched, they remain a candidate till they get too old or are removed for IC crimes or chose to no longer stand, whichever comes first. The impressions are done using code, but with a good bunch of candidates, it doesn't matter who gets what if all are worthy of any color they wanted.
Applications for search for characters who have been totaly inactive accourding to the +finger last login date for more then 2 weeks during the time your Weyr is searching and have no &vacation set warning they will be gone, MAY be rejected.

People who already have rider characters may be searched if there is a shortage of people applying. This is not encouraged though since alts are not always very active.
Leftover Candidates may transfer to the next Weyr in line. This can be RPed out ICly or not, depending on what the players want to do. A Weyr should not reject a Candidate without a good reason, submited to both the player involved and a wizard (so we can be aware of any OOC complaints against that player). The Weyr may remove a rider from the random 'pools' and make them stand only if the player is causing serious trouble within the Weyr, but please notify the wizard in charge of Weyrs in this case and the player involved, since it is cruel to play headgames with players over a hatching.
Please keep personal politics out of the hatchings and please do not judge people by actions they may or may not have done on other MUs. Be concerned with how a person behaves here, not there. Make an effort to get along with all players. This is a roleplaying Mush, not a battlefield.
Stand only candidates do not need to send in apps. But if they want to become a real candidate, then they must fill out the application like anyone else and submit it. It is up to the Weyr running that hatching if they change a person from Stand-only to real candidate.

When using the random code to pick, run the number of PC candidates through first, then the next 2-3 are Alt 1, Alt 2 and Alt 3. Alt candidates are in case of no-shows. Better to impress to someone who shows up and RPs at the hatching then waste time impressing a dragon to someone who isn't there and couldn't arrange to be puppeted. No-show's dragons can be given to NPCs and these people can remain candidates and go onto the next Weyr and try again. This method seems to work well and result in less panic at the time of the hatching. :)

Stands impressions are very rare and almost never with metalics.