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How do I create a character?

What is dragonriding like in this timeline? How do I become a candidate?

When is the Next Hatching?

What is cooperative roleplaying?

What are Anne's rules for fan activities?

What books is PW's theme based on? Where do I find them?

Can I open my own Hold, Craft, Weyr or WeyrHold? How would I do it?

What events lead up to the current timeline?

How are impressions of dragons handled on the Mush?

How is virtual money handled and what do things cost?

What can I name my character?

How is Rank in the Craft Halls handled?

What kind of animals are there on Pern?

Can I be a rider of a black, white or purple dragon?

People are mad at me? What did I do wrong??

Why can't my green dragon lay eggs?!





Please be aware of our theme and timeline. There is NO THREADFALL in this timeline and there has not been for over 80 turns. Your character could not have fought Thread unless the character is about 100 Turns old, thus references to Threadfall in your application for rider, craft JM/Master, candidate would be likely to be viewed poorly...