PernWorld FAQ



This is to let people know that we are in a timeline over 80 turns after the final, last, gone forever, never to return, Threadfall...And to let people know that traditions don't last forever in the face of a new and brighter future. For
one thing, honorifics...The act of placing an apostrophe in ones name, such as B'lah...This is not manditory nowdays, cause theres no threadfall and no real reason to shorten a name...Though some people, even female chromatic riders, who do like to use a ' in their name, there are also those (either gender) who don't feel obligated to fiddle with their names...There are even a few cases of non-riders walking about using a ' in their name...There is no Pernese law against it and never has been...Though a ' in your name doesn't give you access to the DTU or sky access for that iten with the th at the end of its name without going through proper channels, you know..All in all, please do not bother riders or non-riders for how they spell their names...or even for what some people might concider 'non-cannon' names..(ie. Blackadder?) Being influenced by AIVAS in our past, who knows what names might show up? A name is just something you call someone, not a badge of honor or some other reason to like or dislike people...Please try to get along and roleplay rather then nitpick about little things like a '..

NOTE: Names which contain profanity or are highly offensive are not allowed.