PernWorld FAQ


People online tend to have less patience with people then offline. The following things tend to annoy people on Pern roleplaying forums:

1. Spamming. This is either the repeating of the same thing to an individual or a group of and over again or it can be posing or saying things online in HUGE chunks, such as responding in roleplaying in a chunk of text so large that people have to backscroll just to read it. Most people online have the attention span of a ferret and simply won't read any response that covers over half their viewing window.

2. Using a Public forum to ask an individual person a question that noone else would have any interest hearing. Use PAGE for talking to individuals.

3. Trying to be the CENTER OF ATTENTION. This means walking into a room where people are roleplaying and hijacking their roleplay by trying to force them to notice you. i.e. Starting a fight for no reason, trying to have a character suicide in a public gathering area, causing a scene at an event (hatchings, runner racing meets, weddings, etc.) or otherwise being a pest to get attention. There is a certain amount of give and take in a roleplaying situation and if you go overboard, some people will get annoyed. If you do decide to do something disruptive that is in character, be aware that there are people who will get mad at you for it and TRY to not disrupt someone else's established roleplaying. i.e. If someone is proposing to their love in a public area, please do NOT chose that time to have your firelizard's eggs hatch or your character drop dead or whatever. Its very RUDE.

4. Don't be OOC during an ongoing IC scene. This is disruptive and even if you use 'ooc (message)', it can still be annoying. If you have to idle or log off, using OOC is acceptable. Using OOC to talk about the baseball scores or such is not acceptable during intense roleplaying. OOC during major events tends to only be used to tell people what commands to trigger, if the code is not working, warning people to be ready for something coming up or such..and is kept to a minimum when at all possible.

5. Don't bother people who don't want to be bothered. If someone page-locks you, do NOT seek out the room they are in so you can continue an argument with them. This can be considered harassment. However, do not page-lock or try to ignore the admin on the Mush. If they need to tell you something concerning your behavior or other admin related stuff, you can be sure that its important for you to hear it. If someone sets themselves quiet on a chat channel, don't try to pursue the conversation they retreated from in pages as its clear they didn't want to be included.

6. Don't ever mention wanting to be searched on a public chat channel! You may ask who to contact for search if it is not posted on the bboards, but never ask to be searched, whine about not being searched or state that you wish someone would search your character. This annoys the people running the search no end and will often harm your character's chances of being searched. Getting yourself labeled a pest is the quickest way to not get to be a dragonrider.

7. Don't ask repeatedly about things that can be found in the HELP or NEWS files. It makes you look illiterate. Complex coding questions are okay since they are often not easy to figure out from the online help, but things like how to describe yourself are so basic as to be simple to find in the HELP. Use the CODE channel when at all possible. There are Mush Manuals online that can teach you commands and simple coding.

8. Don't use @osucc on yourself. Noone wants to know when other people look at you and the automatic response can often be distracting. Such as 'X smiles as Y looks at him' would look pretty silly in a situation where X is upset and not smiling at anyone or if Y is standing behind X and not in his line of sight...And in a crowd, the @osucc of everyone looking at everyone else can be spammy and annoying. Also its mildly annoying to have an annoying and spammy @connect or @disconnect message. In roleplay OR on the chat channels. If the net keeps dropping your connection, it can be really annoying to see all the extra added @connect/@disconnect spam.

9. DO NOT TYPE ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS! People think you are yelling and many people just tune it out and won't read it. People gennerally dislike being yelled at and typing all in caps should be reserved for shouting warnings, not used for normal conversation and roleplay. Learning to use the shift key early is a good idea, as well as learning what the caps lock key does.

10. If you are a newbie and another newbie needs help, try to direct them to the admin, mentors or other people who officially help newbies. These people have a lot of experience that you don't have and don't like it when people step on their toes. A customer in a store doesn't jump behind the manager's desk and take over, so neither should you. Don't be the 'blind leading the blind' or try to do someone elses job or take that job from them.