PernWorld FAQ


The following is a Guideline. It is /not/ an Official Policy.


Apprenticeship can start as early as 10 for some of the less physical disciplines, such as the Harper Hall where a voice or musical aptitude are noticed at an early age. 12 and 14 are the other ages at which apprentices can be started.

A promising student of average ability would make Journeyman between 18-21, having proved that s/he has a firm understanding of the basics of whatever trade/profession they've undertaken.

Master's knot requires an additional 4-8 turns training...for instance, Healer Hall would take the longest. A person of real genius, like Menolly, would receive the accolade much sooner.

A Lord or Lady Holder training in a Craft would take 50 to 100 percent longer to rise through the ranks if they attempt to learn a craft WHILE acting as a Lord/Lady Holder. They can rise in rank normaly if they turn over ALL LH duties to a Steward or qualified relitive. A Lord/Lady Holder may rise as high as Master, but NOT overall CraftMaster, unless they retire fully from their LH position. A CM may become a Lord Holder IF they retire from ALL duties as a CraftMaster. Noone may be both a CM and a Lord/Lady Holder at the same time, as the Conclave would not allow it and noone has time to devote to both positions. A rider may rise only as high as Journeyman.

If a player does not state their prefered rank to either the CM of the craft or a wizard when joining an 'open' knot, their rank will be set by either the CM or a wizard based on IC age based on the (birthsecs) and if there is no age set, the characters rank will be set as Student..

Rank for Crafts with no CM or inactive CMs may be set by a wizard or craft advisor..


Craftmasters need to update their own craft's knot info. Don't wait for a wizard to do it for you.

They need to actively seek new members of the craft.

They must advance members through the ranks based on ability, activity and IC age. If a player complains about not being advanced and the character is concidered to be qualified, the craft advisor or a wizard may be forced to both advance the character and warn the CM they are not doing their job. Too many complaints of this nature can lead to the replacement of a CM...

They must be logged on at least 3 times a week for at least 1 hour.

Any CM not logged in for more then 30 days can be replaced.

Do not rebuild or make major changes to an already built CraftHall without permission of the Building Wizard, since this displaces characters linked to dorm rooms in the Halls.


Journeyman applies to either male or female genericly. A Journeyman is either put in charge of helping Masters with Apprentices, posted to a Weyr, WeyrHold, CraftHall other then their own or Hold or the Journeyman may be left unposted and is free to ply their trade where they can. Sometimes they are given assignments by the CM, such as what Piemur did for Master Robinton. In some cases a few Sr Apprentices may be sent with the JM or working with one.

No rider may be promoted beyound Journeyman Status. While it may be ICly posible to be a Master and a dragonrider, for roleplaying and Mush perposes it is not allowed, since it causes complications.


ICly Apprentices are people who show enough skill in a craft to cause the local posted Master or Journeyman to take notice and either;

A. Tell them they should apply to a CraftHall
B. Offer to teach them what they can, though they would be encouraged to go to the main Hall for more intensive training.
C. Encourage the local Lord if in a Hold, WeyrWoman/WeyrLeader at a Weyr, etc. to 'sponsor' the individual to the craft.

Apprentices do have to pay for training, but often they are sponsored by others like their parents, Lord Holder or other. Some work for the CraftHall for their keep. Theres no free lunch here, guys.

Apprentices are expected to attend classes. Think of it as a college and only rest days and vacations give them the time to leave the Hall. Apprentices who are searched by Weyrs continue their classes at the Hall when there are no eggs on the sands and at the Weyr, under a posted Crafter when they are awaiting a hatching. Weyrlings take 1 hour classes 2-3 times a sevenday at the Weyr till their dragons are old enough to take them to the hall for more intensive training. CraftRiders do have the ability to come and go from the Hall -AS LONG AS THEY ATTEND THEIR CLASSES-.
No timing it to get to class on time. If the CM finds out the offender may be rejected from the CraftHall for timing it. Endangering oneself or dragon to make it to classes on time is not excusable behavior.

Students are those who pay the Crafthall to teach them skills within a Craft. ie. Learning how to play an instrument, how to sew, how to do firstaid, etc. They can opt to fully join a craft later if they show the tallent. Basicly think of a Student as someone taking a class on a single skill, rather then learning the whole craft. Like the difference between someone taking a two week course in woodcarving compared to someone learning to do it for a living.

Students are pretty much free to come and go from the Hall, but those that do skip their classes too often and fail to learn risk the chance of not being accepted later as an apprentice.