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Harper Hall


Name Rank Speciality Posting Dragon/Dolphin
Arithon App XAW
Bettany App Inst/Comp/Voice HRW Brown Carath
Darvan Student   Harper Hall  
Day JM Voice/Inst/Law HRW Green Selerath
Dyanara Sr JM Voice/Inst/Law Harper Hall Green Gwydionth
J'ran Sr App Law ISW Blue Maxanth
Jeralle App Harper Hall  
K'ljara Sr App WEW Green Jalanth
Kirilla App   XAW Green Pheriannath
Mairean CraftMaster Teaching Harper Hall
Maisy App Inst/Comp/Voice EAW  
Marhiya App WEW Gold Zephyruth
Mayani Student Harper Hall
Medani App Inst/Archives/Voice Harper Hall
Moyrel App Inst/Comp/Voice Harper Hall  
Naiya Sr JM Inst/Comp/Voice EAW Brown Grummith
Ommina Student Harper Hall
S'ren JM Instrumental/WeyrSinger IGW Blue Solteth
T'burk Sr Journeyman Songwriting/WeyrSinger WEW Green Vinteth
Vinowne App WEW
Xander Student Harper Hall
Xianus JM FOW
Zarii App EAW
Zaselpha Sr JM Performance XAW

MasterHarper: Kobocan (NPC)
Craftsecond: Dylia (NPC)

SubCrafts: Printers Hall (newscrolls, book printing, etc.) (Presses made at Landing, but actual printing is done at any place that owns a printing press. The Harpers News is printed at Harper Hall. Training for building and repair of printing presses is handled at Landing.)

Teachers, Music, Writing & Law

Last updated March 20, 2000