Healer Hall


Name Rank Speciality Posting Dragon/Dolphin
Alexana Journeyman DragonHealing Ista Weyr Green Xanath
Angelyka Journeyman ~ Ista Weyr N/A
Annya App Landing
Asiyah ? ~ Landing N/A
Az'ra Apprentice ~ Western Weyr Green Irisanth
Fioled MasterHealer ~ Landing N/A
G'lar Sr. Journeyman Emergency Surgery Western Weyr Bronze Steelth
J'ham Journeyman DragonHealing Igen Weyr Bronze Branth
Jador Master Emergency Medicine Landing N/A
Jheyan Journeyman ~ Landing N/A
K'ron Journeyman DragonHealing Western Weyr Bronze Roth
Kellanah Sr Journeyman Xanadu Weyr
Kylar Journeywoman DragonHealing Western Weyr Green Ameth
Leah Journeyman Eastern Weyr Green Hollanth
Mairene Journeywoman DragonHealing High Reaches Weyr Gold Dyreth
Naomi Master ~ Eastern Weyr
Pierce Master ~ Landing
R'lann Journeyman ~ Xanadu Weyr Blue Mahlth
Rysta Journeyman ~ Ista Weyr
Sabine Journeyman ~ Xanadu Weyr
Zee Master ~ Landing N/A

Possibly the oldest craft on Pern, the healercraft is located with the harpercraft hall just outside Fort Hold proper. The healers have flourished during the time since the end of Thread, and are ever expanding the knowledge of their craft. Their current projects include cataloging and testing the plants of the Southern Continent, computerizing their medical references and records, and learning more about the body itself. There is still a large amount of information to be processed and studied, and the healers are enthusiastically working at it. The hall itself has been enlarged and renovated in the past hundred turns, and now contains the very latest equipment.

Subcraft: Dolphin assisted Healers (cross crafted with Dolphineers and trained at Dolphineer Hall)

Last updated May 10, 2000