Island River Hold


Name Position Dragon (if applicable)
Aife Resident/Runner Breeder Green Imatath
Anya TavernKeeper
C'ryn CotHolder Green Raiath
Chaeza Quartermaster
Etherea Resident
J'em BEC/Runnerbeast Trainer Bronze Fenrith
Jaleldan App BEC
K'nar Lord Holder? Blue Tymth
Kirknor Resident
Lilia Mail Rider/UPS/BlueRider Blue Myrrath
Matlan Holdbrat
Miacara Head Holdbrat / Lady Holder's daughter
Pamela Lady Holder
Silvani Resident Green Jadriath
Summoner Hold Harper
Island River Hold: Home of lush jungles, tropical beaches, Dolphin Hall and numerous vacation get aways. Situated nearest to the Landing, they have prospered from technological advances without loosing their resort-like atmosphere.
As Island River is beautiful, it is also quite busy, its origins, a traders conclave hasn't been forgotten as the hold is teaming with business, a busy commercial dock, flights of dragons carrying cargo, to the good buys one can get here since its a freeport of sorts on Pern. This is a place for independent riders, traders, people interested in tourism, or just enjoy the fact that all of Pern with all its flavors come to one place.

Island River Hold is located at the delta of Island river that feeds out of Drake's lake, in the Southern continent. It is a rich and fertile claim.
Island River Hold was once the site of the ancient's Boca claimstake.
Around the ninth pass, two retired traders, Sardon and Kerah of the Theodan Trading Family, staked a claim at the old Boca site. Being individuals who could not sit still, they quickly turned the hold into a prosperous Traders Enclave. If you need goods anywhere in the south or want things shipped north, this is the place to go. The numerous warehouses store a variety of goods from around Pern, all of which are shipped via wagon, boat, or dragon.
The current Lady Holder is Pamela, the former wife of the decendant of Sardon, has turned the weyrhold more into a commercial venture. Trade is the main work here as well as transport and some tourism.

Last updated May 10, 2000