Pern Jockey Club

Owners, Trainers, Grooms, Excercise riders and Jockeys

Name Status Stable Location Personal
Stable Name
Best Runners
Aife Owner Island River Hold Sunset Isle Stables Specializes in Show Runners
Alake Southern Boll Hold
Arala Owner Landing Starfire - Sunscrape
Auriela Owner Landing
B'lak Owner Ista Weyr Cheyenne
Beltoren WEW
Brandor Owner (Lord Holder) SBH Steele Manor Stable Slipstream - Scarlet - etc.
Cate Landing
Dani Trainer/Breeder XAW None
Draxa EAW
Dyanara WEW
Dymar Landing
Gareth Owner Landing Slate Stables GreyThunder
Genevieve Owner HRW Promenade
Jaleldan Jockey/Trainer Landing/Island River Hold Neverending Story Ranch Artax
J'em Owner/Trainer/Breeder Island River Hold Need 4 Speed Speed - Midnight Star
Jazmyn Owner/Breeder Half Moon Bay Hold Island Gold Flitterby - Redfruit
Katlyn Owner Western Weyr PaintPot Runners Sinister
Kayla Owner HRW SilverStreak Farms Trouble
Kaylon Landing
Keefa Owner/Igen Weyr IGW Gabriel
Kifan Trainer/Jockey Half Moon Bay Hold Specializes in Work Runners
Kismet Owner Landing Eventide
Larissa Owner/Eastern Weyr EAW Flashfire - Lightfoot - Baywatch
Lilia Owner/Trainer/Breeder Island River Hold Need 4 Speed St Elmo's Fire - Phyre - Cheyenne - etc
Liora Owner HRW Rage
Maya Trainer/Breeder Landing
Miacara Island River Hold
Molakai Owner Trader? Mpingo
Neyria Half Moon Bay Hold
Pamela Island River Hold
R'ton Owner XAW Trigger
Raeia Owner Trader (mobile) Anasazi Ranch Ebony
Sage Landing
Seria Owner IGW Cerberus
Shamshiel SBH
Shandra WEW
Shenna SmithCraft
Sirwyn Master BEC BEC
Sonialyra Owner/Breeder BEC/Landing Sunburst Shadow Stables Squire
Sylvara XAW
Sylvette Owner/Breeder (Lady Holder) Half Moon
Bay Hold
Half Moon Stables RedStar - Kimya- Tempest - Impulse
Syra Owner EAW Gothic - Chaos
Tei Owner Landing KonoKono
Thea Owner/Breeder/Trainer/Beasthealer Landing Eclectic Farms Bittersweet
Thurin Owner/Trainer/BeastcraftMaster BEC/Landing Dragonfire - Sinister - Onyx
V'ncent Owner/Trainer EAW Cinnamon Royalty Stables Prince - Toppens - Jack of Clubs
Zharine Owner/Trainer BEC/Half Moon Bay Hold Shamrock Stables Squire
Zio Owner Trader (mobile) Anasazi Ranch Flash
The Racing Runnerbeasts of Pern (descendant of the Terran horse)
Bred for speed, these runners are highly prized, pampered and carefully trained for racing. Racing may include short sprints, distance racing, steeplechase, cross country endurance and harness racing (trotters/pacers).
PernWorld racing currently only covers normal 'running' race horses.

Race tracks are currently found at:

Southern Boll Hold (Triple Crown Race: Ruby Stakes)

Island River Hold (Triple Crown Race: Black Diamond Stakes)
Half Moon Bay Hold (Triple Crown Race: Emerald Derby)
Eastern Weyr

Auction Results
Turn 2645

Race Results
Turn 2644
Turn 2645

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What is Runner Rank and how does it work?

Rank in runners means different things in different types of Runners, so first we establish what the Pernese 'breeds or types' are. They are at this time; RACE, DRAFT, WORK, RIDE, PONY, SHOW and MIXED. Each has a base RANK based on the stats which effect the purpose for which they were bred. Mixed breed is not really a separate breed, but a mixture of any of the other 'breeds'.

Stat(s) which each breed's Base rank is determined:

RACE: Speed. Patterned after thoroughbred race horses, though in a wider variety of colors and markings.
DRAFT: Strength. Patterned after Draft Horse Breeds. Used for hauling heavy loads, plowing fields, etc.
WORK: Dexterity and Intelligence. Patterned after cattle/cutting horses, requiring great intelligence and dexterity for the herding of cattle.
RIDE: Temperament. Breed patterned after Paso Fino, saddlebreds and other popular riding breeds with comfortable gaits and steady temperaments. A mixed breed can also be reclassified as a Ride Runner.
PONY: Stamina. Breed is patterned after Shetland and welsh ponies. Used mainly for hauling and in the mines, they need great stamina to work the long hours. They can do well on poor grazing as well.
SHOW: Conformation. Breed is patterned after Halter Horses.
MIXED: (none) Mixed breeds can have their rank set based on the purpose for which they will be used. Currently only being hand set for Racing. For a Mixed breed to be re-classified as one of the other breeds requires the permission of the BeastCraft Master.

Rank in racing is raised by winning a race by more then 100 Yards.

Breeds other then Race and Mixed may not enter races on PernWorld. Mixed MUST have their base Racing Rank determined by Mynti or Tiffany beforehand.
Jumping: Jumping is split into 3 divisions: Open, Show and Pony.
Open: Any breed may enter.
Show: Show Breed only may enter. Judged first at halter for conformation, then over jumps.
Pony: Ponies only

Jumping Rank is seperate from all other forms of ranking. Base rank is determined by judgement at a trial before a BEC judge (JM or Master), who decides what level class (A, B, C or D) a runner may compete in. (Base rank determined by stats through a scoring system built into the code) Jumper-Rank 6 jumpers are 'A' class jumpers, Jumper-Rank 5 are 'B' class jumpers, Jumper-Rank 4 are 'C' class jumpers and under rank 4 are 'D' class.

Halter: Conformation classes for Show Breed only.

Last updated May 12, 2000

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