Name Position Dragon (if applicable)
Trican Master/Landing
Tryson JM/Landing

Craftmaster : Righton (NPC)
CraftSecond : (open)

The Technicians Craft, or Techcraft, is responsible for maintaining, installing, and developing the new technology on Pern in this timeline. Our duties include work with the communications systems (farspeakers and distance-writers), continuing work on the remained of the AIVAS system, and with the smaller work-stations that were left behind, and work with motors and other electronics. We coordinate closely with the Smithcraft as part of our job, as well as the Harpercraft.

Subcrafts within the Techcraft:
Communications -- responsible for sending information; includes farspeakers, distance-writers, and the like.
Enginecraft -- engines (mostly electrical motors and generators).
Engineercraft -- general electronics and circuit design and theory.

(Also see ComputerCraft - Which is its own Craft and not part of the TechCraft)

Last updated May 10, 2000