Trader Badge (image)


Name Position/ Clan Dragon (if applicable)
Alither Trader
Cariad Trader/Bitra Hold Crynwr Clan
Kelly Go-Fer/Llandros
Radagor Family Head/ Ahriaman Clan
S'var Trader Blue Makioth
Tehlia Dancer/Ahriaman Clan
Zio Animal Handler/ Ahriaman Clan
Traders live the life of a Gypsy, traveling from one place to the next, hauling or selling goods. They have no rank, no craft hall and no CraftMaster, but they are concidered a craft of sorts.

The main Traders Camp at Lemos is available for Traders to link to if they have no Base of operations, such as a Hold, Crafthall or Weyr/WeyrHold..

Last updated March 20, 2000